Let’s reduce COVID waste

Let’s reduce COVID waste

We’re pleased to support the causes of Less Plastic UK as part of our ongoing Save the Planet campaign, by raising awareness and donating towards the cause.


Let’s look at the impact of disposable masks.


If everyone wore a disposable mask every day for a year, we’d have 3 TRILLION masks to dispose of. Disposable masks take centuries to breakdown, and in the meantime when they inevitably escape into the environment, they can be lethal for any birds, mammals, turtles, and fish that get tangled in them.

Disposable masks are necessary for frontline medical staff, and vulnerable people – but the majority of people can keep themselves and their communities safe by wearing reusable #facemasks – and therefore minimise the long-term environmental impact caused by #Covid19.

We provided our residents with personal PPE kits on check-in, and are pleased to share that these were reusable masks – hopefully having many, many uses!

Please note: Always follow face mask guidance on the webpage of the World Health Organisation and follow local face mask policies.

Thanks to Less Plastic UK for this important campaign.