Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Latest Information
Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Latest Information

ESG at Prime Student Living

We are driven by a distinct purpose: shaping a brighter future.   

As part of our ESG commitments, Prime Student Living is working on several initiatives aimed at enhancing our environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact. Our commitment to sustainability and community well-being is at the forefront of these efforts, and we are excited to share what we have been working on.

Environmental Initiatives


  1. Carbon Footprint Reduction: We are dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions over the next 5 years. This will be achieved through energy-efficient building upgrades, the incorporation of renewable energy resources, and the implementation of smart energy management systems across all our properties.
  2. Waste Management: A comprehensive recycling and waste reduction program will be rolled out in all our student living facilities. This includes the installation of recycling stations, composting options, and educational campaigns to promote responsible waste disposal among residents.
  3. Green Spaces: We are increasing the number of green spaces within our properties to promote biodiversity and provide residents with natural environments for relaxation and study. This includes rooftop gardens, green walls, and landscaped outdoor areas.
  4. Plant a tree: In collaboration with More Trees, Prime Student Living promises to plant a tree for every booking made for September 2024/25. This directly contributes to the reforestation of our planet and the reduction of the global carbon footprint.



Social Initiatives


  1. Community Engagement: Prime Student Living host regular community events and workshops focusing on sustainability, wellness, and social responsibility. These events are designed to foster a sense of community among residents and encourage active participation in our ESG efforts.
  2. Health and Well-being Programs: We are committed to supporting the mental and physical health of our residents. Initiatives includes access to on-site counselling services, fitness suites and programs, and wellness workshops to create a holistic living experiences.
  3. Employees: At Prime Student Living, we believe we can only live up to our purpose, and deliver a strategy with a culture where every colleague has a true sense of belonging and is respected for who they are – so that our business and our residents benefit from their unique perspectives and experiences.



Governances Initiatives


  1. Ethical Standards: We are strengthening our governance framework by adopting stricter ethical guidelines and compliances measures. This includes anti-corruption policies, to fair labour practices, and responsible sourcing of products for the properties.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement: we are committed to engaging with our stakeholders, including residents, employees, investors, and the wider community, to understand their concerns and incorporate their feedback into our ESG strategies.
  3. Transparency and reporting: We will publish detailing of our progress, challenges, and future goals, ensuring transparency and accountability in our operations.



Prime Student Living is dedicated to improving sustainability across our portfolio through various initiatives, with a strong focus on educating our residents.  

Some of the key strategies we are implementing are:  


Sustainability Education for Residents  


Workshops: Planning and organising regular workshops on topics such as recycling, energy conservation, and sustainable living. These sessions are designed to empower residents with the knowledge and skills needed to live more sustainably.  

Green Living Guides: We provide comprehensive guides to all new residents, outlining simple and effective ways in which they can reduce their environmental impact. These guides cover everything from waste reduction to energy-saving tips and sustainable transportation options.  

Educational Digital Campaigns: Utilising our online platforms, we run educational campaigns that highlight the importance of sustainability and offer practical advice.  


Practical Sustainability Initiatives


Energy Efficiency Upgrades: Prime Student Living are working to upgrading our buildings with energy efficient monitoring systems which will help monitor and manager energy usage more effectively. We have trialled the equipment, and so far seen energy usage reduce by an incredible 80%! Prime Student Living plan to roll out the upgrades across the portfolio in the coming months.

Waste Reduction Programs: Comprehensive recycling and waste management programs are being rolled out, along with initiatives to reduce single-use plastic. We provide clearly marked recycling bins and conduct regular awareness drives to ensure proper waste segregation.

Sustainable Transportation: We encourage the use of sustainable transportation options by providing bike storage facilities, promoting walking and cycling and supporting public transport use.


Community Engagement


Sustainability Champions: We are committed to building an established network of Sustainability Champions among our residents who lead by example and promote sustainable practices within their communities 

Collaborative Projects: Residents are encouraged to participate in community projects such as local clean-up drives, donating, and sustainability-themed events. These projects create a real sense of community and collective responsibility towards the environment.

Feedback Mechanisms: We actively seek feedback from residents on our sustainability initiatives and involve them in the planning and implementation process. This ensures that our strategies are effective and resonate with the community.

How you can contribute to positive climate change


  • BREEAM: Prime Student Living has played an instrumental part in the certification of BREEAM, achieving a ‘Very Good’ score at Sycamore House. The BREEAM scheme provides a holistic approach which enabled Sycamore House to be benchmarked across a large range of environmental issues including energy, health and well-being, waste, pollution and land use and ecology
  • Fitwel: Prime Student Living has played a crucial role in developing and implementing a Fitwel strategy at Trinity View, achieving a fantastic score. Fitwel employs around 70 science-based, targeted, and gradual strategies to enhance tenant health and well-being. This comprehensive approach enabled the integration of the best strategies to optimise health at Trinity View.
  • EPC certifications: Each property under the Prime Student Living portfolio holds its own EPC certification.