Save The Planet

  • Published on : Wed, 30, Jan 2019
  • Written by : Prime Student Living

Saving The Planet

Wendall Berry once said ‘The Earth is what we all have in common’ so let’s unite in saving the planet with some easy tips which we can all introduce into our daily routine.

Drive Less, Bike More

We’re all guilty of driving too much when there’s loads of more sustainable ways to get places. So, let’s cut down our CO2 emissions by cycling (use our secure bike stores to keep your wheels safe) and walking where we can. Cycling is also a great form of exercise so why not feel double the benefit – saving the planet and making a healthier you. There will of course, be certain times when you can’t rely on biking or walking as they’re too far away. But why not try public transport or if not, carpooling with mates can be loads of fun too.

Educate Others

Sharing ideas on how to protect our planet can encourage others to make simple, sustainable changes. Little changes among groups of family and friends can make a big difference. Spread the word!


There’s lots of volunteering opportunities to get involved with, how about a local community clear up event? Volunteering can also look amazing on your CV! You’ll get a great sense of achievement too.

Say NO to Plastic straws

According to Get Green Now it takes up to 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose, and they can’t be recycled in most places. We’ve all seen and praised the recent no plastic straw policy, so make sure you’re sticking to it by using paper, recycled or reusable straws.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reducing your waste can have a positive impact on the environment as the more we reduce the less we have to manufacture which can let off harmful chemicals to our environment. Reusing items helps cut down waste as well as saving money.  Recycling different materials properly can help save energy and minimises waste in landfills.

Bring Bags

Gone are the days of using one-use shopping bags and chucking them away after. We’ve come a long way since the 5p plastic bag tax was introduced but we can still improve further! Not only are there tonnes of really cool eco-friendly and reusable bags out there but many have biodegradable materials making it easier to decompose. So, make sure you’ve grabbed yourself a reusable bag before your next shop.

Conserve Your Water

Water is one of the most important resources to our planet, so we want to make sure we’re conserving it for as long as possible, right?! Small changes like cutting down your shower time and turning the tap off when brushing your teeth can go a long day, especially when you’re doing them day in day out.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Remembering to flick off the light switch when you’re not using has got to be one of the easiest ways to save energy. When you next leave a room have a think whether that light really needs to stay on.

Get A Reusable Bottle

In the UK, we use over 35 million plastic bottles every day! Carry a reusable bottle to cut your plastic use and save money too! There’s loads of stylish designs so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Wrap yourself up

Feeling chilly? Layer up before putting the heating on, Going out? Don’t forget to switch the heater off.