Moving Out

Moving Out

When do I check out?

You can check out anytime up until 10am on the final date of your tenancy agreement. If you’re not sure when this is, pop to reception and we’ll let you know.

What do I need to do before moving out?

Before moving out, you’ll need to clean both your room and the shared areas of your apartment. If these areas are unclean, you and your flatmates may have to pay a fee for them to be cleaned. Take everything with you when you leave, as if anything is left behind you could incur a charge.

Will I be charged for damage in our shared area?

Damage in a shared area is a shared responsibility. So unless it’s proven you didn’t cause the damage (or the person who caused it takes responsibility) then yes you’ll be charged a share of the cost to fix it.

Can I donate any clothes and/or food items I no longer want?

You can help local charities by taking donations of clothing, household items, food etc to them. You’ll find details in your Move Out Guide, on posters around the property, or on your exclusive residents’ Facebook group.

I’ve had post sent to this address! What can I do?

Unfortunately, we can’t redirect your mail to you. So please remember to change your address on any subscription services, or you can also pay for a redirection service with Royal Mail. Otherwise we’ll have to return post and parcels to the sender rather than holding mail due to the volume we handle. It can sometimes take up to 4-5 weeks for redirection services to begin so please consider this when ordering this service through the Royal Mail to ensure your post gets to where it needs to be.

What happens after I check out?

If you haven’t requested to be there at your final room inspection, we’ll do this after you leave. We’ll let you know about any charges through the deposit return process.

How do I check out?

You will be sent a Move Out Guide in advance. This has all the information you need. Of course, you’ll need to leave your room clean and free from all personal belongings before returning your keys back to reception. There’ll be a dedicated place to leave keys for out of hours check out.

There’s damage in my room. Will I be charged?

If it isn’t classed as general wear and tear, then yes you may be charged. If you know of any damage it’s always best to book a check out appointment. That way you can discuss and agree charges ahead of your deposit return.

How quickly will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit is held in a tenancy deposit scheme. Once you’ve checked out, they’ll process your deposit return. You’ll get an email requesting you agree to the amount to be returned and any charges (if applicable). You’ll need to enter your bank details online to claim the funds back.

If I’ve booked for next year, can I leave things in my room?

If you have a 51-week contract with us, you can stay in your room for an extra week for FREE. It’s on us. However, if you’ve booked a 44-week contract, please ask your property team if they have storage onsite or if they can recommend a local service.

Will you give me a landlord reference?

Although we don’t provide landlord references, we can give you a copy of your Tenancy Agreement and a statement of account to show your rental balance on departure.

How do I pay damage or cleaning charges?

Charges are deducted from your deposit. If you’ve been charged more than your deposit amount then we’ll send an invoice to you (and your guarantor, if applicable).