What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

We offer 14 day free cancellations which starts from when your booking is all completed. 


To cancel, you’ll need to do so in writing (email is fine) please. 


If you’ve paid your deposit it’s protected through Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) so we’ll process the return of this. The deposit refund could take up to 30 days from when we request it. 


Read more about DPS on our blog here.

Help! I haven’t got in to uni/my VISA hasn’t been accepted.

We know things don’t always go to plan and you shouldn’t be penalised for that.  If you haven’t been accepted for a VISA to study in the UK, or you’ve been denied a university place and can’t study in your chosen city, then please get in touch with the Property Manager. Please provide supporting evidence of what’s happened.

What if I cancel after the cooling off period?

If you need to cancel your contract, you’ll need to find someone else to take over your agreement with us. We’ll do our best to help you with this. Until you find someone, you’re bound to the contract so will have to pay the rent. You’re released from your contract once you’ve found a replacement tenant and they’ve finished their cooling off period.