Rebook For Next Year And Get £150 CASH

As a thank you for booking again we’ll treat you to £150 CASH – Unicorn tattoo? Shopping spree? Holiday fund?

Drop us an email at or pop down and see our property team through the week.  Plus, you don’t need to pay another deposit, your current one rolls over!

*Cash promotion has limited availability so don’t delay!


The reality of student housing...

We know it’s tempting to think of a traditional house as part of the student experience – it’s not!

Here are some of the reasons NOT to choose a house for next year...

1.  Non-inclusive bills Splitting bills (and the dreaded unexpected bills) between friends can cause stress and a big dint in your bank balance - that’s why we’re all inc.

2.  Shared tenancy agreements House tenancy agreements are usually with a group of people, not individuals. With us you don’t need to worry about replacing anyone who moves out.

3.  Leaky roof? Heating broken? Water off? With a dedicated maintenance team on site we’re here to fix things super quickly. And we have no hidden costs – yay!

4.  Shared bathroom Imagine not being able to shower or go to the loo when you want! No thanks! Book with us again and don’t have to face this nightmare.


Terms & Conditions Apply

£150 cash is payable via BACs transfer after your booking is complete
The payment will be made within three weeks of the end of your 14 day cooling off period

If your booking is subsequently cancelled the £150 will be deduced from your security deposit

There is limited availability for this offer so it cannot be guaranteed
This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers

A minimum tenancy of 43 weeks