What is PaytoStudy?

PaytoStudy is an easy to use online system for students to pay their rent.

It offers a fast and secure way to send international payments FREE of charge by using a simple 3 step process.

How it works



FREE International Bank Transfers

  • You pay no international bank transfer fees.
  • When sending money internationally, the sending bank and the receiving bank usually impose transfer charges. Using our own payment network, we avoid the interbank system, saving you transfer fees.

Guaranteed better exchange rates

  • As PaytoStudy make over 120,000 transactions a year, they can negotiate better exchange rates with banks. Therefore they pass the savings on to you the student.

Stress free, faster payment processing

  • The total transaction takes just 48 hours from start to finish.

24-hour customer service

  • We have 24-hour customer service that can be reached by Skype, Live Chat, phone and e-mail. You can also track your payment online 24/7.
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