New Year’s Resolutions For Students

  • Published on : Thu, 20, Dec 2018
  • Written by : Prime Student Living

Get super organised with bullet journalling

The New Year often inspires us to get organised - and there’s no better way to do that than with a Bullet Journal. Invented by Ryder Carroll in New York, his system will help you to focus your mind on the day’s task and keep track of what you’ve done, are doing and want to be doing in the future.

Using simple codes to track different types of activities you’ll be able to organise your life like a pro in no time - it has the potential to be life changing, rather than a short term fix. The book has been featured on The LA Times, Buzzfeed and Lifehack - so lots of people are already raving about it.

Book tickets to lesser known festivals

Everyone knows about Glastonbury, Latitude and Bestival - but what about the smaller festivals that have cheaper tickets and lesser known acts? With some festival tickets starting from £200 for two days camping, it’s worth taking a look at the smaller festivals to get better value for your money. Widen your horizons this year! Take a look at a few suggestions-

Bluedot, Manchester.

Bristol Harbour Festival, Bristol.

Silent Movie Magic, Newcastle.

Loopallu, Invernessshire.

Become a member of the cinema

With big discounts available on cinema memberships, there’s never been a better time to join than as a student. With a whole load of amazing films coming out this year you'll want to make sure your watching them.


Podcasts are a fantastic way to relax, widen your knowledge and even have a good laugh. With millions of podcasts out there to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. They’re great to listen to on the way to Uni, exercising or travelling.

Try mindfulness

Hipster girl meditating

If you’re someone who struggles to stay in the moment - particularly when trying to focus during exam season - then mindfulness is a fantastic way to refocus your mind. Used as a therapeutic technique, Mindfulness teaches you to be aware of your quality or state of being. It can be used in simple ways, such as remembering someone’s name when you’re first introduced to them (how often do you forget?) to simple meditation techniques. Ruby Wax, as well as many others, have written books on the subject, boasting the positive effects it has had on their mental health.

Sign up to a word of the day email

Sometimes, your New Year’s Resolution doesn’t have to be life changing or drastic - it can be a small thing you do everyday. By signing up to a word of the day you’ll learn something new, without having to stress about committing to a big goal for the whole year. We’ll even give you one to start off with; Lentiginous, meaning freckly. Try’s email newsletter to get your word of the day.

Try HIIT training

Lauded by personal trainer and cookbook writer, Joe Wicks, HIIT Training is a great way to kickstart your workout programme. Focused on short bursts of activity with rest periods built into the programme, it enables you to burn more fat throughout your day, rather than having to commit to an intensive workout regime.

Try duolingo

If learning a new language is top of your list this New Year, then Duolingo is the best way to learn it. By learning in small bite size chunks each day, you’ll be talking your language of choice in no time. There are three different levels, enabling you to work the programme around your daily routine. Learn in 5, 10 or 20 min chunks and get better quicker.

Start a blog

Yes, there are millions of blogs out there now - but none of them (unless you already write for one) have your voice on them. By starting a blog whilst you’re studying you’re going to be able to teach yourself a lot of skills; some basic coding, copywriting, PR, social media - all digital skills that are vital to many professions now.

By showing that initiative it signals to a future employer that you’re able to think for yourself, grow an audience and write with an audience in mind. Plus, they’re fun! Pick a subject you love, write about it your way and see how many followers you can get. There are plenty of tutorial videos you can watch to get started, like the one above about Wordpress.

Help out a local charity

Or, if you would like your New Year’s resolution to be less inward looking, and more about others, then try helping out a local charity. You can take part in a local run, or carry out some volunteer work. It looks great on your CV, as well giving you chance to meet new people and help those in need. Choose a charity that means something to you so you’ll want to help again and again.

What will you be trying out this new year? Let us know on Twitter!