Quality accommodation, convenient location and living student life to the full. That's Prime Student Living!

At Prime Student Living we are dedicated to putting the needs of students (and their parents) first. After all, it’s a huge step arriving in a new city. Especially for those who are leaving home for the very first time. And as such we take our responsibilities extremely seriously.

We subscribe to the ANUK National Code of Standards (accessible online at http://www.anuk.org.uk/#)  ANUK operates the National Codes for Large Student Developments (http://www.nationalcode.org/), which aim to ensure transparent and professional management of purpose built accommodation.

Safety & Security

We believe in safety and security. Which is why all our accommodation is in brightly lit, city centre locations with secure entry and CCTV.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of residents and staff in the buildings that we manage is our highest priority.

We therefore ensure that regular fire risk assessments and resultant actions are carried out for each of the properties we manage.

Our staff are trained to undertake proactive and reactive fire safety management, including building inspections, routine fire alarm testing, evacuations and inductions for residents. In addition, we conduct routine inspections on all plant and equipment including electrical and gas systems using accredited personal and third parties.

All of our fire safety systems are robustly tested in line with British Standards guidelines by competent staff and accredited third parties to ensure that they are operational at all times. Our trained staff are alerted immediately by fire safety systems to undertake investigation at the point of activation and where necessary co-ordinate evacuation. In addition, these safety systems are connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) that is manned 24/7 and 365 days of the year.  

If you have any questions about fire safety at Prime Student Living, you can contact us at: enquiries@primestudentliving.com

Convenient Locations

We believe in convenient locations. A prime location is one that is close not only to the university but to all the amenities that make student life easier and more enjoyable.

Great Value, Quality Accommodation

We believe in offering great value, so that the average student can enjoy a comfortable quality of life at a price to make the student pound go that bit further.

Student Experience

We believe in maximising the student experience, furnishing our accommodation with shared facilities to help students make friends and, well, feel at home.

Today we operate many student accommodation properties, managing thousands of rooms across the UK. We are always looking for further opportunities to manage properties on behalf of investors, fund managers and institutions.

As one of the UK's smaller student communities we really do try harder which means we are flexible and friendly when dealing with our students.

We hope you enjoy our website but if you find anything that could be improved, please let us know.

To us, at Prime Student Living, you are and always will be a person with a name and not just a number. Our focus is to provide all our students the best service we can at the best value for money so that they can focus on the most important issue namely achieving that qualification at the end of the course, oh and enjoying themselves in the process!

Equality Standard

At Prime Student Living we are firmly committed to promoting equality of opportunity and creating a living environment that is inclusive and free from discrimination or harassment. We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion in service delivery.  We are serious about equality and treat people fairly. We will help ensure fair treatment for all our students, regardless of race, ethnic origin or nationality; gender; disability, whether mental or physical; religion; marital or family status; sexuality or sexual orientation; age or physical appearance.